We-assist develops customer service software and helps organisations set up their helpdesks more efficiently.

30% minder telefoontjes en 40% minder emails

Behaal 15% meer omzet met de pro-active module

Chatbot waar het kan, live medewerker waar het moet

Customer service should be easy, quick and good zijn. We want to help other businesses achieve just that.

Personal contact

Before we start working together, we would like to get to know you during a personal meeting. We will give a presentation about the latest trends and would love to stop by to demonstrate our customer contact application.

Selfservice scan

No two organisations are the same. That is why we always conduct a scan of your service processes, website and organisation. Next, we will draw up a plan with which to achieve your objectives and make the most of We-assist’s customer service software.


We will set up our customer service software to suit your wishes and your corporate style. We will take care of everything related to coding. Furthermore, our fully web-based solution does not require an installation process.


After publishing the customer service software, we will help you with monitoring and analysis. We will make any necessary adjustments and continuously strive to optimise our services.

We want to help you achieve your objectives.

dashboard view on iPad
increase customer satisfaction

We will increase customer satisfaction by learning from your visitors and understanding them better over time.

reduce costs

We will reduce your costs by eliminating unnecessary customer contact with our tool.

increased revenue

We will increase your revenue by e.g. reducing the number of drop-outs via clever triggers.

Clients who use our software


Help visitors

Help your visitors find their way to the information they want quicker.

Pictures and videos

Explain complex subjects with pictures or brief videos.


Provide your visitor with suggestions to help them even faster.

Feedback option

Gain insight into the articles with the highest and lowest ratings.


Help people who visit your website on a smartphone or tablet.


Optimise your content with minimal effort


Analyse keywords and resolve any issues immediately.


Integrate with other channels such as Chat, WhatsApp or email.

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